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Self conscious male needs advice


I've never used any form of make up before, but Ive had some pretty bad breakouts around my chin area that have left red marks that won't likely fade for quite some time. Rather than stress over them, I feel like a little makeup could take them out of sight and out of mind. The thing is that I don't think I have the balls to go into sephora or MAC, or even Macy's and have a make up girl assist me while everyone in the store is staring at me in disgust. So rather than do that I figure I'd be better off posting my picture on line, exposing myself to and the help of, thousands of strangers. :)

I would really appreciate it if some of you pros could tell me, based on my skin tone and condition, what product I should use. I don't care if my marks are completely invisible I just want a significant reduction of redness from a product that no one would ever tell I'm using and won't break me out.

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It really doesn't look like you need much coverage to be honest, so I would go with MAC's Mineralize Foundation SPF15 Loose and get a brush with that (the sponge that comes with the loose powder isn't great for applying your makeup).

If you have oily skin, I'd go with Murad's Oil Control Mattifer with SPF15. Absolutely controls oil nearly all day.

And a primer. Primer is worn before you apply your powder/liquid foundation and it just makes things go on a lot smoother (it diminishes the appearance that you're even wearing make-up in the first place). I like (and use) Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in original.

As for skin tone and condition....I (personally) can't help you there because I wouldn't be able to match your skin to any foundation. However, I can assure you that MAC & Sephora assistants are extremely nice! I had the same fear going in there, but when I did nobody stares at you--it's really all in your head. They don't judge or anything. I also saw a guy working at Sephora too.

Good luck in finding what you're looking for!

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Want2beme, that doesn't help me.

Thanks for the tips Axxith!

I agree with Axxith. Go into a store like Macys or Nordstrom, the Makeup Artists there will not be the least bit surprised if they have a male customer, they get them all the time. They are very friendly and will be willing to help. Professional makeup artists will not care if you're a man woman straight or gay.

the good thing about going into the store is, they will teach you how to apply it properly and will help match you to your correct shade. let them know you're looking for something that will look natural, they will understand and help you look for the right product.

if you're really self-concious about it, I suggest going during an early weekday morning. less people there, most makeup counters are usually empty at that time.

- as for what product would help. I suggest a loose or pressed powder. applied evenly with a brush it will help tone down the redness.

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If you are near a Sephora I suggest going there. there is always at least 1 really helpful person and it's less of an open space. Macy's etc are sooooo crowded!! you might be more comfortable in a smaller, more personal store. Some of the counter girls I encounter at department stores are not the best at customer service. More like SELL SELL SELL : /

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