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I was wondering if any scientists and derms really care about acne. A lot people say things like it's not a big problem, but don't realize how much acne brings people down. Is there a group of super genius scientists and dermatologists trying to find the root cause of acne and a cure that will work for everyone? If they can cure cancer acne shouldn't be that hard.. I'm not really smart and all so I don't really know what I'm talking about. Just a whole lot of pointless ranting.

I wish someone would come up with the ultimate cure. I wish there was a cure that was made by people who understand how others with acne feel like and not make things just for the money.

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I believe there are multiple reasons why there currently isn't a complete "cure" for acne.

*Acne isn't life threatening - so research on AIDS, cancer may be more important

*Acne seems to be cause by multiple factors (genetics, stress, weather, etc) - so it may be very difficult to come up with the ultimate "cure" all.

*People usually grow out of their acne - maybe time is the best cure.

Those are the only things that came to my mind right now.....but I'm sure there are many more.

I do agree with you though. Acne is a serious social issue; and imo, the scars acne leave emotionally run much deeper than the physical scars.

I'm in pharmacy school right now...and I have thought about pursuing a career in research on acne seeing that it has already played a huge role in my life.

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Likely the only people doing research on acne would be academia (schools), dermatologists (MDs) and industry (companies like neutrogena, clearasil, etc). Industry is in the business of making money so they are busy mitigating the side effects of acne rather than stopping the cause. Dermatologists, on the other hand, are busy worrying about deadly skin ailments (melanomas). Fortunately, some of the most prestigious schools do research on acne(Harvard for one), so no I don't think there's some big conspiracy against us. You would think that since it's bacterial infection it would be an easy fix, but no. It's more of an inflammatory disease which are tougher to treat. I study molecular biology at Hopkins, btw, so my opinions are somewhat informed.

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The closest thing to what your mentioning is accutane. But the side effects speak for themselves. I can't imagine a medication that will work for everyone without any side effects.

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