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Acne flare ups in the winter causes my personality to change

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So, every year my acne flares up in the winter. It starts a couple weeks before thanksgiving, and reaches it's worse during december and january. When warm weather starts to come back...my acne nearly goes away...and my face pretty much only has the old blemishes.

My personality is way different during the winter and summer. It's like I'm 2 different people. I'm happy, confident, loving life during the summer. And during winter, I become anti social, sad, etc.

I'm tired of dealing with this. Is there anything else I can do (during winter) besides moisturize, drink lots of water, and use less acne medication!?

I know I'm not the only one dealing with this problem!!

I would _____ to know the answer! (left a blank for the children reading this :) )

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Yes! I know exactly what you mean...my acne is barely visible in the summer...I live in the UK, didnt see where you were from and the winter this year seems to be lasting for a long times! Therefore we are almost in spring and it is still bad!!!

I cannot wait for the summer :(

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My skin always seems better in the summer too, especially my back. If I spend a few days at the beach my skin seems to clear right up. I think it has to do with the sun. The more sun I get, the better I seem to do. I think this is partly due to my skin tone. Im somewhat fair skinned so any red marks I get really stand out, but in the summer my complexion gets darker so my skin appears to be more even. I have heard of people going tanning to treat acne. Even though I thought tanning would make it worse, my dermatologist actually told me that could help some people.

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