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I am 26 years old and never really had severe acne, the cystic kind to be precise. I've always had blackheads and whiteheads and a few random pimples. So hoping to get rid of the blackheads, whiteheads etc that have bothered me for almost 12 years I hesitantly started the OCM using olive oil mixed with castor oil. I had done this just twice for two consecutive weeks and started breaking out majorly! Its been two months and my skin is in its worst condition ever, I stopped the OCM after the two attempts. I have been using BP in vain. I am assuming the oil has clogged all my pores and eventually I am going to have to face more acne until all my pores get cleared up. has anyone here had a similar experience, if so how did you finally manage to clear up the mess?


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Sorry, wish I could help but I've never tried the "OCM", I don't put much stock in that sort of holistic kitchen cabinet-style medicine. It could be that you're breaking out because of the oils, or it could be that this is just the inevitable next step of the breakout that pushed you to try OCM in the first place.

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The first thing you should do is go to a derm you need so type of drying agent was and topical solution. Do not use any oily products on your face. If you truly have cysts then go on accutane skip everything else. There is absolutle nothing over the counter that will help. If it's just small pimples then try antibotics, but I opt for accutane. Good luck.

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