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Question about long term regimen use (and progress update)

I love the reg so far and have had very positive results. My question is... have their been any studies on the long term usage of hydrogen peroxide of this grade on the face? I'm worried about inducing premature aging and/or development skin cancer. Reduced ability to heal. My negative experience with accutane has left me emotionally paranoid about acne treatment side effects.

One year regime Update:

Well I've been using the regimen for what will be a year now come March.

To make a long story short I'm a 28 year old male. I had moderate cystic adult acne since the time I was 14 years old all the way up until march of last year. Yes at age 28 I still had the cystic acne of a 16 year old. Leaving behind nasty craters and scars every so often despite not picking.

I tried various antibiotics and derms which temporarily ruined my GI tract from the ages of 14 to 26 with minimal short term improvement. At age 27 I tried Accutane for one month and decided to discontinue due to the emergence of severe eye dryness which I read could be permanant in some cases as well as severe joint pain which I read could also be perm in some cases. After discontinuing accutane my eye dryness and joint pain lingered for two months then began to fade over a 4 month period. Some joint pain still lingers unfortunately one year later.

Been on the reg a solid year now and have seen the best and the longest lasting improvement with it. As with pervious treatments I judge my progress based on my girlfriends opinion and she has consistently given this treatment the highest marks of anything and she's been with me for ten long years of my treatment progress so she would know.

I use to get around 6 - 8 scar forming cysts per year along with hundreds of white heads.

With the treatment I developed 3 cysts... 2 of which were during the first month of reg "burn out" period where your face freaks out then becomes accoustomed to the heavy BP usage). I've also cut down the emergence of white heads to around 2 - 3 per month and have even eliminated white head emergence all together on my forehead and cheeks! The whiteheads that do emerge have been reduced in size from around eraser head to pinhead. Much easier to manage and faster to cycle. Though the red marks do take longer to heal I am assuming because the BP interrupts some of the bodies natural healing mechanisms on the face.

Overall it has taken my acne severity down from moderate with severe cyst flares to very mild with only minor whitehead flares. A blessing to me emotionally ad physically (no more scarring).

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CONGRATULATIONS!! Sounds like the Regimen has been doing wonders for you!

There are answers to your questions in the FAQs: http://www.acne.org/faq.html

See "Benzoyl Peroxide FAQs"

I've also been on the Regimen for a solid year now and have gone from having about 20 pimples at a time including some scar-leaving cysts to only the occasional (typically) very minor breakout, about twice a month or so. My red marks last for a lot longer now than before BP just like yours but I also get a lot less acne so whatever.

If you're interested, me and some other people on these boards are trying out the paleo diet. Here's what one user in our current thread had to say about his improvements:

As for my acne. Before paleo I was using BP and I still had over 20 cysts on my face at a time. Add to that about 8 per shoulder. I did not get white heads, just cysts. About 3 months into paleo my shoulders were completely clear and I had around 5 cysts at a time on my face. This was when I tried some experiments that didn't work out. About 1.5 months ago I stopped using BP. Now I don't get more than 2-3 cysts at a time and some white heads.

As you can tell, my acne was really bad, I think most people will heal faster. For me the first 2 months I could barely notice any difference.

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