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Self Conscious

I'll have the 'new face' for a thousand....

Alrighty, so recently the left side of my face has had a return of pimples and of course I'm on a trip to rid myself of these horrid things. I've been thinking about this and that, but have been wondering how can we truly and really rid ourselves of acne? Obviously if we had the answer to that no one would be here and this community would dwindle to a couple friends.

Anyways, my real question is: How much does it cost to remove acne from out lives? This is definitely hypothetically speaking and assuming one has millions of dollars. However irrelevant this question is to most of us I think it's a question worth answering.

How much would you shell out to be done with acne?

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I would shell out however much a 6 month course of accutane would cost plus however much the maintane dose of accutane would cost for the next X amount of years.

Which...now adays isn't too much :)

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I would spend millions to avoid the depression, fustration, and rejection my acne has caused me. The feeling to wake up one day and not be able to remember the last time I had a acne breakout would be worth so much to me.

but being able to spend all that money and be done with it, will never happen and i would never be able to afford it so instead it will take time and I believe that at the end of all this I will look back, wonder why I made such a big deal of it and know that it has made me a much better person :)

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