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Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen

So today I ordered a test kit online that's gonna test me for all fungi, parasites, allergies and inflammation. I just wanna establish if I have anything in the 1st place before embarking on a full - on regime i.e anti - candida.

Honestly, the more I read the more convinced I am ( trying not to self - diagnose here! ). I think I'm a prime candidate for candida as I've been on several lots of abx since my teens, when I 1st got acne and also the pill for years.

The symptoms are many and varied, so I can see why doctors are crap at recognising the real cause and misdiagnosing patients, therefore people tend to suffer for years on end cos they believe their symptoms are down to something else entirely. It's tragic! Especially that Drs don't even seem to acknowledge the existence of candida most the time.

So I came across the above book, which has rave reviews wherever I've looked. It's a hefty 230 odd page ebook and you get some free books with it and 3 months one to one consultation with Linda Allen also there's a money back guarantee. It's also accredited by some American Holistic Association ( soz don't know the accurate title of that body ), so this gives me confidence right away.

If my results come back positive for candida, I shall certainly embark on this programme. Infact, I might end up buying it beforehand anyway. It's not just acne, I have several of the symptoms. Also, it's been established that my hormones are out of sync, and I've been reading that candida also affects hormones. God, it affects everything!! But most people don't immediately think they have it as the symptoms are so general.

This is why I thought to just do a test, cut to the chase, then take the necessary action depending on the results.

So by the time I get the kit, get it sent off and the results take 2wks, it'll be a little while, but I'll be sure to let you know how I get on.

Meanwhile, if anybody's been using this ebook, or knows anyone who has, let me know.

Thanks for now, kaz.

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