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Long-term Retin-A users, I need advice

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Need advice from long-time users of Retin-A.

I used DK Regimen for a year with good results. Then this past December, I got some eczema patches (or something) and stopped using DK products and went to the dermatologist (for the first time in many years). My skin was pretty clear when I saw derm but I told him the acne would start coming back since I stopped using BP. He prescribed Retin-A .025% cream (plus clindamycin AM/PM and BP 4% wash in AM). I agreed to try it because I’m 35 and wrinkles starting to set in so something that takes care of acne and prevents wrinkles would be perfect!

I am 6 full weeks in. The IB started 2nd week and got a little better as far as inflamed lesions. I understand being patient etc. to see results but what I am really struggling with is the blocked pores. I have never had blocked pores like this (no clogged pores at all on Regimen). Right now, every single pore on my face is either a blackhead or whitehead or a bump. It is truly distressing. Even if I have no active lesions and my skin “looks†like normal from 3 feet away, I cannot deal with the clogged pores and bumps.. I don’t see the derm for another 6 weeks but I am miserable and I wanted to ask if anyone else had this experience (with few inflamed spots but tons of blocked pores). Is this part of the IB? Do the pores unclog or is this because I am using the cream not the gel? Or maybe the dose not strong enough? Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Hi there.

I'm an almost 4 month user of retin-a and my skin did the same thing. It may even get worse but I would recommend staying on it for at least 3-4 months to get the benefits. I know it's frustrating but your skin is purging and will look much better after it's all done.

Good luck!

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