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Hi everyone=)

Today im really upset kinda of had a mini break down this morning because you see ive been on the regimen since December nearly getting clear THEN BAM! It happened the worst break out of my life and since then I have truly truly felt lost and don’t know if its gna pass coz from having to a few red marks to RED BUMPY skin I just felt devastated and still do because for the last 3 months of my life ive never been more dedicated to something and for this to happen it just knocked me down to be honest and im struggling to pick my self up again=[

Im so mad at my face right now I ramped the Bp to 2 fingers.

I just want to be one of the success stories u know and how it feels to be free sometimes I just want someone to hug me and tell me its going to be okay hang in there. but seriously I don’t know what to do anymore I mean all the redness and flakeness was for nothing? I put myself trough that for what? To see my face get worse=( I really thought I would be clear since im in my third month but guess I was wrong. im in this never ending cycle of spots , disspointment ,and ugliness IM SICK OF IT.

I just wanna be free=[

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Hey Yaz,

I am so sorry to hear words like these, I've been there as well and can only tell you that you will need to be patient. It often takes a lot of time and different "trial and errors" before one finds a proper cure for his/her skin condition, and I know it can be insanely frustrating, but don't give up. It will get better someday and this moment will seem like a distant fleck of dust to you, trust me.

And by the way, from the pictures I saw of you you look like a very pretty girl. :)

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