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Just to Track My Progress

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Okay, so I'm starting this mostly for myself? Read along, if you'd like.

I never had a spot on my face until around 9th grade, and it was extremely mild. Then, in 10th grade, I switched schools and got the worst year of acne I'd ever had. Scabs, cysts, you name it. Completly scarring; emotionally thank God, I have little to no real scars. But, now, the present--I'm a senior, going to college in the fall for acting, thus, I need close to perfect skin. My acne is not as bad as it was in 10th grade, although it's still daily and gross. I have enough blackheads for seven people, painful (although not visible) cysts on my cheeks, and sandpaper bumpies all over. (Would you believe if I said I honestly didn't look that icky?) :think:

I went to a dermatologist, who has perfect perfect skin. Tells me she used to have acne worse than mine. Tells me she had to go on Accutane. Tells me she can fix me right up in three months tops. She cleared up my friend (who recommended her)'s acne (it was the full teenage nightmare) in a little under four months. I have high hopes. She put me on Epiduo at night, and Doryx once a day. I wash my face with Cetaphil and moisturize with the same.

It's day four now. Not seeing any immediate changes. Face is softer (but I've always had very soft skin), and a tad oily around my nose. It hasn't gotten worse--hasn't gotten better.

Gosh, I abused the power of the parenthesis just now! Oh well, here's to better skin!

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