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Quite possibly another trip to accutane

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I was on Accutane for 6 months, and got off in April. I had the occasion zit every now and then, maybe a couple a month, and they were always small and went away within a day.

Well about a week or two ago, I got a couple over night didn't think anything of it, and they went away, but i have been getting more and more lately, seems like I wake up everyday with new ones, they are small, still go away pretty fast, but I think my acne is coming back.

So I have a few questions

Will I be able to go back on accutane immeditaely even if its just minor since I have already been on it?

Will it be just as effective as the 1st time?

Will it work quicker, since my acne isn't as bad?

Will the side effects be as bad?

And will I have to get another referal?

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The derm may try other methods again before putting you back on accutane (such as antibiotics/topicals/etcetc). He may also just put you on it again. We can't be sure, so your best bet is just to go ask them.

It will work as effectively as the first time. I'm on my third round and it still works.

You will still have side effects, however the dosage for your second round will most likely be lower, so the side effects won't be as bad.

You may want to look into low dose "maintenance" accutane, in which you take ~2.5mg-5mg of accutane a day for extended periods of time. The purpose of low dose accutane is to prevent you from relapsing back into acne. This is what I will be doing after my third course of accutane.


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May have overreacted. I am still getting more zits then I was before but its not nearly as bad as it was before, and I just order pro active refining mask becasue I always had great success with that and Im going to use it as a spot treatment, and hopefully all will be good.

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Back to the derm on April 1st, I hope they don't fuck around and put me on some stupid shit that won't work and let me go back to accutane. Last time it took 2-3 months and my face was clear, this time it isn't even as half as bad. Uggh this is so frustrating. I hope I go on a higher dose this time and it just whips it out for good.

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