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No improvement 16 weeks in....cause?

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Hello, I started accutane in early November with very high hopes that it would clear my mild acne. However, since I started taking it, my acne has only been worse and I am starting to lose hope after about 16 weeks now. I have been taking Roche brand and alternating days taking 40mg on odd days and 80mg in even days for my while course. My seem hasn't said anything about increasing my dise or changing it at all so I'm wondering if this could be the cause for my lack of success. Please let me know what you think I should do and if you think the accutane will work. I have altered my lifestyle in every way to prevent acne, but I do still pick at my acne.

Thank you

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Okay, so basically you've been on an average of 60 mg/day. I wouldn't say that's terribly low for someone your weight (I'm on 60 mg, and weigh around 130), but maybe talk to your doctor about bumping you up to 80 every day. Some people are just really resistant and need higher dosages.

You're just under 4 months in, so there is time yet. In the meantime, make sure you are taking your Accutane with a meal or a fatty snack. It absorbs best with something high in fat content.

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my acne didn't really get better until I completed my fourth month. I just looked over my accutane log and at day 119 I would estimate I had about 10 active pimples/spots on my face (probably had about.. idk 15 at any given time when I started accutane) and 30 days later I had 1 active. I remember, at some point between day 120-150, that it was like someone flicked on a switch and my face just started getting clearer. Idk how to describe it but I really think you will experience this as well. You will just wake up one morning when you are sure that accutane doesnt work for you and realize ur skin is a little better.. then the next day it will be a little clearer, and so on until ur clear of any active pimples.

gl, and don't give up.

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Thank you both for the input. Your experience gives me hope Halifax. Thanks!

I'm seeing my derm tomorrow so hopefully he gives a useful opinion on it.

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