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Why am I breaking out!!!!!

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Been on the regimen for a little past a month. Worked well for the first 2 weeks, got some clearing u in the skin, started to have some hope. 3rd week rolls around I got a few pimples along my jaw line, no big deal. 4th week I start having a breakout along my cheeks. Didn't change a thing in my routine so I don't know what the deal is. Starting to get really frustrated with this process! Please, someone with the same problem give me some reassurance that in the end it's worth it!


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don't forget rwc. it take's up to 3 months to see extremely visible results.

Right now it's still diving deep into your skin to kill off any bacteria's trapped inside the skin.

Bear with it a little longer, eventually the bacteria will all die and breakouts will be minimized.

You can do it :D

Only a month and a few more weeks. Hopefully the breakout ends even sooner than that.

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I'm in my third week and breaking out too....let's stick with it. It's hard, but I know it works because I was on it before and it worked.

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i like your Signature ihatemirrors lols.

i feel the same with the house cleaning part. Dog's saliva is actually a really good thing though, it kills acne bacteria i've heard.

but of course, you wouldn't want your dog licking off your bp, the dog might get sick and it will be bad for the both of ya.

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Sometimes when one pimple appears more and more start to appear. Keep on with your mormal regime because if it has keeped your skin clear up to now it must be a very good regime. Try adding a spot removal cream to your regime it will do you the world of good and remember dont give up !!! :D

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I'd say try gentle exfoliation with AHA cream or microfiber cloth at bedtime.

Make sure to get a sunscreen if you do.

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Acne can take a while to form in the skin. Many people experience a bit of clearing in the first few weeks, because the BP is helping to dry up the acne that has already surfaced. What you're dealing with now is likely acne that had already begun to form before you started The Regimen, but hadn't surfaced yet.

I know it's frustrating, but as so many others have said, just stick with it and tough it out. For most people, it takes a few months for The Regimen to be fully effective.

You'll get there. : )

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