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Hi I just started 40mg of accutane about a week and a half ago. I have had a few extra pimples but nothing significant. I'd say I have moderate acne thats been ongoing for 15 years. I dont have the cystic type.... Anyway, I read about the initial break -out period that accutane brings.....does anyone know when that actually starts and is this what I am experiencing??? Also, anyone know approximately how long it takes to at least see 90 percent clarity? Oh and one more thing.....I read about the depression.. Im not depressed at all..but sooooooooo Irritable and tired lately..is this the accutane or am I just crazy lately? ha ha Thanks so much for any input and please only positive comments need reply :)

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hey! thnanx for droping out by my log. nd thanx for your wishes.and yes i just started my accutane journey so i cant tell about my experiences, but i think that time required for 90% clarity is depends upon the person, dosage and some other factor.. But as u said u have only moderate type acne so i think you will get clean and clear face very soon. best of luck for your upcoming journey.

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Hi there

I suffered with moderate acne too and was prescribed accutane for 6 months. I didn't have an initial breakout like most do but everybody reacts differently to it. It took about 3 months for any noticable difference and I wasn't completely clear until the very end of my course. I had a pretty easy time with it experiencing dry skin/lips and a few nose bleeds. 8 months on though and I'm still acne free!

Like everyone will tell you though we all have different experiences and I hope yours will be positive :-)


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