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Quick question..

I am clear but I want to take Flush-free niacin... Should I go for it or?

I might give it to my sister.. She's breaking out.. and I searched around that people were getting good results.

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Why do you wanna take it??

Lol. Good question. :)

But this is my respond- I thought it was good for skin. :)

I hate this occasional break-outs. I am pleased that I don't get this big acne anymore.

I seldom get them on forehead or around neck.. usually one. Otherwise, I am mostly clear.

But I want to know if this is good for something else?

I think I will just give it to my sister. She's getting some big acne.

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question for you

How did you get clear and how?

and how bad was your acne prior? just wondering.. I love success stories

My acne was horrible prior, due to hormones. It was berserk. :( It was stubborn to get rid of.

I had a bad life! My self-esteem were indeed low, I was actually miserable. As of now, I am still miserable but my skin has gotten better so now I have confident to go out with family, I am in college now and I work. Finally I was able to start all over! It's been years dealing with this crap. I have strong hatred against acne.

Anyway to answer your first question, I started using proactiv on and off, then I decided to just use it and it took years to get used to it. I also decided to buy healthy foods, mostly organic. This are my diet -

Salads ( romaine lettuce, red cabbage, carrots with avocados and extra-virgin on top )

Whey protein isolate vanilla from Jay robb

Ezekiel bread ( original ) with extra-virgin coconut oil

Chicken breast cooked with extra-virgin coconut oil and organic seasoning

I was on this diet for a few months and got clear.. then I gradually started adding steel-cut oats, cacao powder ( these are for protein shakes ) . Seemed not to break me out so I added a few more things- seeds, leafy greens smoothies with low-sugar fruits - by adding this, I've seen improvement on skin.. More smooth.

Despite that I am clear, my life is identical to when I had acne.. so what's the point of being clear? He he... I can't meet people.. I am too shy. But my main goal is to finish college.. All I do is read, write, read. This is what i like to do. I find it fascinating. I actually like reading when I have time.

:) This is my rambling story. he he

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