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thinking of buying dan's products

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im thinking of buying dan's products. specifically BP, jojoba oil, and AHA+. i have taken 3 rounds of accutane already (4 months each round at 40mg). fnished my last one about less than 2 months ago. i don't know how much time i have left before i break out with huge boils again and those are the worst. i want to stop them in their tracks before they get a chance. so anyways i generally have oily skin. my face is still clear and no oil. but anyways i don't know whether dan's products will work if i have been having severe acne. it seems severe to me anyways because i often get the big boils and they don't go away for over a week. so with these 3 dan's products i plan to buy....how exactly do i use them? i'm thinking mixing a small bit of bp with 3 drops jajoba oil and a tiny bit of AHA+ and then use it as moisturizer every night. is that how it works? should i go for these products? my acne is so bad when the accutane effect wears out. also. has anyone heard of neostrata products? i heard one of the products that has 8% AHA n it's a moisturizer. but i think costs around 40$ for 50ml. should i use that instead of dan's AHA+?

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If your skin is still clear from the Accutane, I think the Regimen could probably help you maintain that. I'd be worried about over-drying your skin, though, since the BP can be very drying at first, and your skin is still producing very little oil from the Accutane.

If you do decide to try The Regimen though, you wouldn't be using the AHA right off the bat. Your skin would need a while to adjust to the BP (which can take a couple of months) before you could add the AHA in.

Until that time, you'd want to just wash with a gentle cleanser, treat with BP, and moisturize with a non-AHA moisturizer (you can add a few drops of the jojoba oil to the moisturizer if you want).

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i just read some reviews on bp. and now i'm kind of scared to use it. i was planning to use the fruit of the earth aloe vera 100% along with bp mixed. but they say the bp causes their face to turn red like tomato. and you will have ot stick with it at least 2 months ot see results. i don't want my face red for 2 months if it won't even work in the end. otherwise people at school and work will stare :(.

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