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What are you suppose to do with whiteheads. I hear conflicting answers from don't touch it, leave it alone, to go and pop it with a neddle and ooze it out. Are you just suppose to leave a whitehead, then let it get really big, and red around the area, then wash your face, let it burst, then have this huge whole in your face, and then have it turn into a scab??

Or are you suppose to poke a hole in the whitehead, and ooze is out slowly until all the white stuff comes out, and the skin is "flat" again, with no white stuff appearing?

Then are you suppose to put topicals on top of this area? Or do you leave it for a day or two before you apply stuff on it?

Can someone please help me with this situation!

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keeptrying....u look a lil lonely...lol....anyways..in my experience....DO NOT POP THEM.....if u do it will prob leave a lil scar after it heals...plus it will look like someone took a hook and tore a piece of ur face. I actually had a couple white headson the side of ma face which i chose to leave alone...it was real hard...cus i always POP EvERYTHING. it actually disappeared on its own....it wus real weird...dey didnt even pop...jus shrank lil by lil...den disappeared. I had some other white heads on the other side of ma face which i popped and constantly picked at. These ones healed but keep comin bak once in awhile..so.....and i got pink spots where i popped dem. Jus leave them alone. If u MUST pop anything,including whiteheads....i say u WAIT until the white puss is almost about to erupt near the top. Then disinfect a pin by putting it into a flame or alcohol....prik ur pimple at the top....an sqeeze the pimple usin toilet paper wrapped around ur fingers..or....jus Swipe across the pimple using a lil pressure to ooze it out that way...you will see puss first..then blood...then clear liquid...thats when u stop....after the clear liquid shows.....hav fun...lol

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If they are only small, leave them...

If they are very large I find the best way, which doesn't irritate or leave redness is the following (you need steady hands):

Wash your hands thoroughly. Take some tweezers with sharp corners (well doesnt have to be sharp, just not rounded) and pinch the pimple with the corner. Try to get the smallest bit of it as possible. Squeeze and you should notice a very small amount of pus come out. Now get your two index fingers and place about half a centimetre away from the pimple on either side. Now pull the skin AWAY from it on either side (do not push towards) and more pus should come out. keep pulling gently until no more comes out. YOU SHOULD NOT SEE ANY BLOOD OR TISSUE FLUID (the clear liquid) COME OUT. IF YOU DO YOU HAVE PULLED TOO HARD. Wash it with some water and dont touch it. Now LEAVE it. A bit of the clear liquid should come out and remain on top of it. thats normal. Do not touch it and it will soon dry, and you should notice that there is NO redness or big hole in your face, it should just be a small light red dot.

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