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A few questions from a new guy.

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Hello everyone! I just discovered this website last night by accident, and am now thoroughly interested in trying out the "Regimen". But before I take the plunge and buy the products, I wanted to see if you could help me gauge how it would work for someone like me: A guy with a reasonably small amount of acne and some thick facial hair.

My acne consists of a few pimples on my cheeks, and recently some damn persistent acne the left side of my forehead. (you know, that little strip.) Sometimes I'll get some on my nose, chin, or mustache area, but it does not happen as often. (I do get lots of blackheads on my nose and the sides of my nose.) My biggest problem is that my face gets pretty greasy after a full day, but I just wash it and I'm good. I'm NOT someone who gets huge breakouts or has acne all over their face. I think the most pimples I've ever had at the same time was like 5. But having a few pimples all the time bugs me A LOT. They stick out loudly against my relatively calm face.

In short, I have never had terrible acne- just a few pimples here and there. I just really want to be acne free, and I think the regimen could be the last step towards achieving that. I'm just thrown off by the fact that most of the success stories I read involved people who likely had much more acne than me. My question- Can someone with relatively little acne get the same, or even better results with the regimen? Will I see results more quickly? Will the BP treatment help me to seriously keep away the little acne I get, or will it just be an unnecessary irritation for the rest of my face?

A little more background about me (in case you need it)

I wash my face twice a day with Cetaphil face wash and pat it dry. I never use moisturizer, but I will religiously from now on. I've used Clearasil 10% BP cream and Clearasil Ultra pads for my acne, usually with lackluster results.

In my time researching the site since last night, I've identified and intend to correct a few problems with my routine that are likely the cause of most of my acne. The first problem was my habit of rubbing my face like a madman with face wash every day under the false impression that it would make it would clean my face better. I figured out that it is improper technique after watching the video on cleansing. (Thanks Dan)

My other problem is facial hair- mine is pretty darn thick, and I like shaving with and then against the grain lightly to get a smooth feel. I use a Gillette Fusion razor and crappy shaving cream, so naturally I've gotten some nicks and ingrown hairs. I think this is also part of my acne problem, and so I'm getting ready to switch to a simpler double blade disposable and milder shaving cream as recommended here at acne.org. I truly hope that I can shave everyday with these new products, because it wasn't working out before. I'd wait a few days and try, only to have serious pain. I think Dan said somewhere that it's better to shave daily, and not to wait for a few days like I did, so maybe it'll work this go around. I'll also be trying in the shower, not over the sink like usual. I hope it works out for me, because I rather dislike having stubble, and would enjoy a nice clean face all week. I might just have to suck it up and shave only with the grain from now on. Any input on this shaving predicament of mine?

Thanks for your help!

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Welcome to Acne.org, swampfox. : )

The Regimen can be great for people with mild acne. I never had terrible acne either, but The Regimen has taken me from having mild acne to being completely clear the vast majority of the time. As long as you take things slowly and follow the instructions, I think you'll likely clear up very nicely on The Regimen.

I can't really offer any advice as far as shaving goes, but I'm sure that staying clean shaven will help, since there won't be any hair in the way of the BP or anything like that.

Best of luck to you!

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Thanks for the welcoming and advice! I really appreciate it. I'll be putting my order in soon. :D

Anyone have tips on shaving everyday?

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