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getting drunk after leaving roaccutune from last sunday

this is a popular topic however my situation is different.i have been on roaccutune since november,face has cleared.

im going out on monday so the plan was to get drunk.i hardly drink anyway well at all but sudden need to.due to this i have stopped taking my medicine myself from last sunday so that i can get drunk on monday....so that the medicine doesnt react.....im kind of worried now the time has come...so HELP!!...any experiences?...any limits?...is it ok to drink cos iv stopped medicine for 1 week now so it shld b half out of my system???....and then after monday when can i take my medicine next???.......i dont wnna ask my doctor cos my appointment is in 3 months....oh and im on 20mg once....and how much is too much alchol any idea???

please guys help kinda worriedd!!! :boohoo:

thanksss!! :surprised:

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This is just plain silly. You stopped taking your medicine thinking so you could go drink with friends? Seriously, just go out and have a good time. Getting drunk is never a healthy choice, but that isn't why we do it right? Just don't make a habit out of it and you'll be fine.

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never stop taking your meds so you can drink. i did that, didnt last to good. infact i drank whilst on them lol. so yeh i was stupid to say the least.

tane is powerful stuff it wont just leave your system that quick. did you know it can take 3 months for some spliff to clear through your system..

so yeah i wouldn't recommend it but sup to you

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