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I'm writing this in hopes that it might help someone out there in return for all the support I've received from reading countless posts on this website. I'm going to give the history of my acne, what it did to me physically and emotionally, and where I'm at today.

Growing up I had very mild to little or no acne, but of course it always seemed seemed bad to me. Until my first year in college when everything changed. The stress from classes, pledging a fraternity, my father losing his job, and my parents getting a divorce became to much to bare. My face took the brunt of this, turning into a mess with every type of acne imaginable.

During that time, I believe, I began to change for both better and worse. I began to withdrawal from activities I enjoy such as meeting new people, going out, working out and many others. I started sleeping as much as possible, and making many excuses for grades, the number of people I'd met especially girls, and anything else that wasn't the way I envisioned it. The few things that made me feel better during this time included drinking, smoking, and eating foods that were making my face and health as a whole worse. Not long after I became a cold person, I had a very hard time making eye contact, felt I was ugly, and my social skills dropped dramatically.

Even if a girl did find me attractive in this time, my personality was uglier than my face. This was my rock bottom.

The acne left me with what I consider sever hyper-pigmentation and mild scarring. It also left me prone to more acne. As I'm writing this I'm happy to say that my face is returning to what I would consider normal thanks to finding a regimen that seems to work.

Where I'm at today in life is far from where I was two Decembers ago. My face is returning to it's old self thanks to advice I've gathered from many of you. As I look back I see what acne has taken away from my life, and the cycle that I fell into to.

While my face is returning to normal, my confidence and my old self is slowly returning. This to me is harder than getting rid of acne. Each day I make small gains of self-confidence I once had.

While acne takes away from enjoying life, my view on life has now changed for the better. I admit I've been guilty in the past of making assumptions on appearance in other words I was a superficial bastard. I can now honestly say a person's personality is more attractive to me than their appearance.

If anyone does read this post and needs help of any sort (my regimen, stuff I've tried, somebody to vent to) send me an email . Lastly, I want to express thanks to everyone for helping me become a survivor, and not a victim.

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I relate totally to what you're saying and hope to get better like you one day. I just feek so ugly inside and out now.

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