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Acne No More

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Who is the author of this anyway? He's not a Dr. Always a bit skeptical about e-books but every review site I read they're singing the praises of this book! Mind, they're hardly all unbiased, probably.

It's meant to work cos it addresses the underlying cause, but as everyone has different causes, how can he make such a claim? It seems too good to be true, but I guess wot appealed to me was the fact it's holistic rather than a quick magic bullet with min effort required.

Mind, if it's that weird program I've heard of where you have to give yourself enemas, fast and take obscure supps, then I'm most def out!

Has anybody tried it or know anyone who has? One thing's for certain, I am not eating only apples for 3 days. That's called desperation! :snooty:

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I have thought about this book before but I had already bought another ebook really similar to it called Your Last Acne Solution and I feel they're basically the same thing. It tells you what you should and shouldn't eat. And yes, there are fasts and enema usage involved :/ along with what supplements to take. I have tried the 3 day apple fast years ago, enema was involved with that as well which I didn't do, so I guess you can't expect to see full results if you don't do it all. (Enemas freak me out, bad experiences with those). Here's a link to a girl who reviews the book on youtube; http://www.youtube.com/user/HealthNutifyingYou

If you have any questions about the book message her, she answers.

The book goes to the root of it all, so I believe that if you follow through it completely you will come out free of acne. Only problem is it's really hard, and it's a LOT to do and buy..

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I bought Acne No More about 4 years ago. It's interesting, and does have good info in it, but nothing that you won't find on here. You're really just paying for all the elements in one place. Essentially it's fasting, liver flushes, supplements, strict diet. Nothing more than that really, but it is written with a passion that is inspiring. Similiar to Your Last Acne Solution just not as hardcore and without the abandonment of everything to do with actually living your life.

The author of ANM is someone called Mike.......completely forgotten his last name. Maybe it's Walden. That sounds about right. Mike Walden.

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