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hello to the board and hello adult acne

Hey Everyone!

TNmtngrl here. 29 year old that has always had mild acne with a blemish or two and recently in the past 2 months experienced the worst outbreak in my personal life. It almost came out as a rash on my chest, shoulders, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Thought I'd picked up some sort of folliculitis so started Doxycyline and to no avail they just stayed put. It has calmed some but the outbreak on my neck and cheeks have stuck around. Isn't it enought that I'm beginning to deal with turning 30 this year and getting older and now I'm like a 16 year experiencing puberty...ugh!!

I hope to get some great advice here. Really my big question of the day is what is a good non-irritating, non-comedogenic, non-alcohol containing facial cleanser and moisturizer, and hopefully something that will help reduce the redness of these old blemish areas....any suggestions?? FYI Cetaphil kills my face after doing the Duac and Tazorac regimen...i need another suggestion (it contains alcohol).

I've switched my make up to BareMinerals which improved it but didn't stop it. Switching to Minocylcine to remedy the areas on my chest and back, and adding on topicals this week tazorac and duac...at what point should I be worried about this medicine being too irritating?? I know I've expected some redness, burning, and peeling, but when is it too much??

any input would be great.

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