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Hi guys,

I've been using Quinoderm 5% BP for about 4 years now and over the past few months i've noticed that i've started to get scarring all over my face. I used to only break out mildly but now it seems like I break out every other day which is really starting to annoy the bejebus out of me. Also, when a pimple heals it usually leaves a red mark for a few more weeks or so.

My current regime is..


Wash face with luke warm water

Apply Quinoderm all over face

Apply Eucerin moisturiser


Use cetaphil soap on my face

Apply Quinoderm all over face

Apply Eucerin moisturiser

I'm afraid that if I stop using the quinoderm I will start breaking out rapidly because my skin is so used to the BP now. On the other hand, if I continue using it I may be damaging my skin in the long term. I don't want to stop using it if I don't have a back-up regime in place so does anyone have any suggestions on products or regimes that might work for me?

I appreciate it.

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5% BP is waaaaaaaaay too strong and harsh! Your skin is most likely very dry and flakey with the amount of BP your using daily. BP also makes you more sensitive to sunlight and makes your red marks last longer.

I'd ditch the 5% BP for a 2.5% BP and spot treat on only your active acne.

Lastly, think about your diet; that's the main reason you continue to break out


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