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I don't take accutane, but I know some of you who are taking it get angular cheilitis, so maybe you can help me.

I have this condition for 3 months and I never had it before.

I don't think it's due to dryness, because I moisturize well with balm and don't lick my lips. I think it was caused by bad nutrition (no vegetables etc.).

First I had open wounds. My doctor gave me antiseptic cream. I used it for 3 weeks, wounds closed in 2 days, after that there was no change. So it's not infected any more.

It now looks like wound that is healing, but it does not. Weeks after week it remains the same.

Here is what I do daily:

- 20 pills of vitamin B

- 3 pills of iron

- 1 pill of zinc

- 1000mg of vitamin C

- drinking lots of water

- lip balm

Anything else I could try?



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no, pretty sure she didn't have that... she is just answering burts bees and vasoline to EVERY question on the accutane board. i don't have angular cheilitis, but have you tried jojoba oil? it helps skin pigmentation go back to its normal color. its worth a try! good luck!

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Thanks for warning. :)

I tried jojoba, but it didn't help.

Does anyone know how much vitamin B should I take in case that this is caused by vitamin B defficiency?

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