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Im pretty scared

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Well i wont lie. ive been off this last week and lets just say both my hygiene and my diet has been absolute crap. im talking white castles pizza chinese food soda rice krispies chips non stop. and sleeping on dirty pillows were my dogs sleep and are on the floor alot of the time. and now ive got 4 painful gross cystis on the right side of my face right by my mouth. and 3 on the left in about the same area. take not i also slept on that side. Now i know if i did this before accutane id look like i have the bubonic plague. but is it that i MISSED my entire last month of the treatment and its been several months after + its winter combined with what i told u that i have these? i had some retin A from when i was on that and piled that on + proactive and now they look much better but still there. now they just look like regular pimples waiting to heal. now my 2 questions

should i be worried at all that there back?

And anything to help heal them faster? idk if should use neosporin but its only thing i can think off

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I say if the accutane worked then go back on it. I highly doubt it's the food but you should watch the diet. I defintely don't recommend putting your face on anything not clean if you are prone to breakouts but as for cysts they will come back if you don't take care of your skin and over the counter and proactive is not for cysts.

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