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Benzoyl Peroxide and Make Up

Read a couple of posts about issues raised when using BP with a liquid foundation. Some mention problems with clumping and balling up. And, I've tried waiting til the BP dries, but that doesn't look good either. (Plus, who has the time?)

I discovered when I apply liquid foundation immediately after applying BP (while the BP is still moist), there is no clumping and the foundation blends in easily. My question is, is this ok to do? I mean if BP is not absorbed into the skin, but rather creates an oxygen barrier of sorts that doesn't allow bateria to survive, then is there any harm in mixing your foundation with it?

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I wore liquid foundation with BP for years and the BP still did wonders clearing me up. But you might want to apply a moisturizer after the BP and before the makeup... at least, that's what I had to do. The BP + makeup alone would definitely dry out my face fast and flake up before even leaving the house. If you're not experiencing problems with overdrying, however, then don't worry about that step.

I should say, though, that in the last few months I've stopped wearing makeup altogether, and my skin seems to have gotten even better during that time. Any kind of makeup can make you break out once in awhile... it's just the effect of having all that stuff on your skin.

Overall though, if you really feel more comfortable with the make up on, I think you'll be fine!

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