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When to stop Benzoyl Peroxide

Well I have had acne for a little over 6 years now and have finally started to clear up using a variety of products..I now have hardly any inflamed breakouts and have been using BP for some time..I started the non inflamed acne regimen that is on this forum sticky with lots of success.. but now i am wondering when should i stop using BP and what should i use to keep my face clear i dont want to stop and have it just come rushing back again..

i still do have noninflamed acne but not much just some closed bumps that only become inflamed after picking.. so is it safe to stop using BP and just stick to the AHA?

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Well... I hate to be the one to say this... but your skin is probably going to get pissed that you cut off the BP, and its going to let you know it too! But I think its kinda like ripping off a band aid. The faster you do it the faster the pain will pass.

I was on the BP regimen for a couple years and my skin had cleared up nicely (to the point I had some scarring but no acne.) Then after a bit I started wondering if really needed to keep using bp and could just pass with aha. So I tried it. For about a month it worked beautifully. Then hell... and I mean HELL! We are talking about the worst breakouts I have ever had, far worse than anything I had pre bp.

Horrified I tried a slew of different products without success. So I waited one more month then hopped back on the Bp train. Couple months on BP again and I cleared back up. The thing that kept bothering me about this was I didn't want to have to keep using Bp for the rest of my life. Acne aside, BP is not good for your skin. So I looked through acne.org's message boards hoping to find some info and I accidentally did.

At some point in talking about how much bp has done for his skin Dan has mentioned that every once in a while he tries to ween himself off of it, without success (understatement). So my theory is we've all gotten our skin hooked on this stuff (like a bunch of crackheads :boohoo: ) Your skin becomes so dependent on the Bp that once you stop, it has no idea what to do and goes crazy!

Now having said all of that, I'd also like to say that my skin is now almost clear (I hate red marks) and I haven't used bp in about a year. In order to do this I went a completely natural route with the motto "if I can't eat it, it's not going on my face". I make my own cleanser, toner and moisturizer for my individual skin problems and needs. And if there's a whole foods near you or you don't mind purchasing ingredients over the internet then you can do it too and it's really easy. Remember it's just trial and error till you find that perfect mixture and proportion.


Ex. I have oily semi sensitive skin . These are my ingredients for my night moisturizer (I made this for my skin. This particular combo may not be for your skin).

1) Olive oil - 8.75 mL

2) Grapeseed oil - 8.75 mL

3) Manuka honey - 6.25 mL

4) vegetable glycerin - 6.25 mL

5) Matcha green tea powder - 5 mL

6) natural vitamin e oil - 5 mL

7) aloe vera - 5 mL

8) Rosemary essential oil - 10/11 drops

9) Tea tree essential oil - 9/10 drops

10) *Echinacea purpurea root extract* - ( haven't added it yet need more info first)

11) Lemongrass essential oil - 5/6 drops

12) Cinnamon powder - so minuscule its almost not there.

There's some double boiling involved but putting it together takes about 15 min. and I store it in the refrigerator. (Homemade cleansers and toners typically only need 1 or 2 ingredients so don't worry too much on that)


Being completely honest my skin looks so much healthier than it did when I used bp (developing a glow and everything! :pray:)

If you could post more on your skin and acne type I could give suggestions on ingredients, proportions and tips on the how to's, and really there's so much info on the internet.

Now having finished this monster I'm going to sleep! If you have any questions on ingredients, where to get 'em, most cost effective methods or anything just ask.

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