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I've been doing a lot of searching online to get rid of my acne scars. They're some what indented & I have a few rolling scars. They aren't too deep. I was wondering if anyone knew of any home remedies, herbs, or supplements that help acne scars disappear naturally. I heard MSM, Vitamin C, ACV can work. Please post your success stories and/or disappointments of things you've tried to get rid of your scars. You'd think by now, someone would have invented a cure for acne & a cure for all types of scars.. I hope it's sooner than later :pray: I can't take it anymore. :wall::cry:
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MSM does help. I used it for about ttwo weeks, but I stopped because I ran out. It broke me out in some of the areas where I had indented acne scars. I treated the break ouuts well and now after a few months its almost flat. The depth wasnt too deep but I can tell that there is really a big difference. Another thging you can do is drink about 1 tablespoon of turmeric with warm water twice a day.It works even better than msm for indented scars. It brings out the toxins by making you break out in spots where free radicals are damaging your skin (scars). I had a massive cystic scar which I was pretty sure going to leave a crater but when I drank turmeric it made me break out in the same area about 5 times within a period of one month. This is because all the toxins are coming out. Now the area is completely flat. Not even a blemish left.

Another tip is do not use bp. Before I used it my parents and everyone never knew I had pits. They make them deeper and stand out more. Trust me i tried, BP just causes more damage.

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Turmeric (really stains your skin and hard to wash off, so I'd take it internally)

Aloe vera

Sweet Almond oil

Or all of them together.

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