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This can't be the end of all things....

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GUYS....you're all slipping away. You're losing yourselves to trepidtation and ri-cock-ulous things like peer pressure. STOP dammit. You have to tell yourself to stop!

If you fail to recognize that your only chance to ever do anything has already been given to you for the only time it will ever exist, then you're already outward bound.

I've realized something- we as people are the product of something far greater than just "life." Our existence has meaning. Think of all the people you have had an effect on, think of all accomplishments you have made, and think of all the possibilities that your future can hold. whithout you, your firends, family, and those people you will meet would never have been the same had you not existed. Their only chance at knowing you was given to them as a priveledge because you made it so. Ending your life would destroy everything that you have given away and would become the end of all things....

People will slowly forget you, their memory will fade. You will become a has been-a STATISTIC that people will look at and never think about again. Your life that was will be lost forever, no legacy left behind becuase you never let one exist.

And in the end of all things do you really think that people will ask why you died because you had ACNE?????? Do you believe that because you died, you will have corrected some flaw and made the world an easier place for everyone to live in????? Will Dying help anyone at all, or anyone else who has acne, or any person who might have loved you for who you were, whom you'd never met???? If you truly think that you can answer yes to any of those questions, then perhaps your fate is sealed shut, and the tick tick tick of your life will tick no more.....

A day may come when you wake up, open your eyes, and see your wife/husband sleeping next to you, still there because in your heart you know that they love you and that they want to be there with you, regardless of what you look like.

A day may come when you look at yourself in the mirror and see a face starring back at you that has grown old and withered with age and time that you will realize how truly amazing your life has been because you have survived for so long.

A day will come when you find yourself utterly spent and feel the passing of your life to a place where the end of all things will truly be golden because there will be so much to look forward to.....

I hope this helps some people who might be having second thoughts on life. It happens to the best of us, and we can't let it blind us from what's really going on-acne will never hurt us more than we let it, and when we look at the timeline of our life, everything else we do will make it seem like a bad dream lost and forgotten to this existence we call life. If not, then think about what it is you feel important, and then put yourself in a friends frame of mind and think of how important you would be to them if you didn't wake up the next morning.....

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That is a good post. I know that I have wanted to end my life several times, and have done many self destructive things as well. Though I think with most people it is more of a fantasy to end all the pain rather than to actually kill themselves. When I finally went through with it I was terrified and panicked, and didn't care about acne as long as I lived. It still upsets me, but I'm not going to do something that stupid again.

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Yeah good post.

Death smiles at us all already ,why give in by committing suicide??

The hell with acne it will not take my life indirectly! I will push on and show a nice shiny long middle finger to those who judge me on my imperfections. wink.gif

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I know it pretty dumb hiding away from every thing. I dont like my acne but sadly im gonna have to live with it. I just want a clear face or at least 1 day where i dont have to worry what other people think of me. 1 day without worrys . Im not a bad kid i dont deserve this nor does any one else. What im trying to say is its very hard living a life when you deal with this situation.

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