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Retinol (Vitamin A) seems to be helping my scars.

I started taking retinol 2 weeks ago at 25 000 IU a day. This is a high dosage according to modern medicine, and supposedly has a whole host of dangerous side effects. However, I have experienced no side effects, and my scars have improved and my skin seems to be healing from new pimples MUCH faster.

My overall health seems to have improved from this. I'm sleeping better, slower more relaxed heart rate, clearer mind. Also, my seborrheic dermatitis has cleared up fully. And, strangely enough, I'm much less sore after my workouts?

I only started scarring after taking accutane. My theory on accutane is that although it causes vitamin a saturation in the skin cells, sebocytes, thus triggering aptosis, at the same time, I believe it can deplete the body's stores of vitamin a. Hence, the interesting phenomena in which accutane can cause night blindness in users. For more info, google night blindness and isotretinoin.

I believe that many people who are susceptible to scarring have impaired immune systems. Vitamin A is a powerful immune system modulator, and honestly, many people probably get very little of this vitamin. In many people beta carotene, a vitamin a precursor, is poorly converted to vitamin a, and as a result, many people, especially those with scarring my have sub optimal stores.

For those of you who are prone to scarring and still break-out, I recommend trying retinol at 20,000 IU for a month and see if it helps. I don't know if this will help old scars, but for two scars I got 3 months ago, they feel smaller to me.

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