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bloodtype diet

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This diet is based on fact and scientific studies. Doctors don't think that it makes a difference to eat foods that don't cause your blood to agglutinate (clump together), but as you can tell by the results of the book, many people feel otherwise.

I most certainly am not bashing doctors, but when it comes to nutrition, they really don't put all the pieces together. Even the "best" and most expensive schools such as Harvard, do not require doctors to take long hours of nutrition courses, and some schools still have nutriton as an elective!

There is sooo much to learn out there and of course one field alone isn't going to "know it all". Yet if more specialized fields put their knowledge together, these peices would fall together faster, and that would be an amazing thing. Now, in terms of this diet, everything may not make sense, but it is based around the food intolerance principle and how certain lectins (glycoproteins) in certain foods will cause these intolerant, inflammatory, digestive, etc reactions in individuals that have a certain blood type.

I personally have never followed this diet but I have looked at the book and at some of the research that this book was based on. The one thing that I find fascinating is that it says that Type B and Type O blood, are more likely to become Insulin Resistant or Type II Diabetics and are more likely to be intolerant to Lectins and Glutens. Well, my father is a Type B and his family has a history of mild Type II Diabetes. I'm a Type O and I have the begginings, with Insulin Resistance. I am officially not Gluten Intolerant or a Celiac (based on blood tests), but I still gave up gluten and some lectins (not all for my blood type) and my skin cleared up by 99%. Of course, the most prevelant blood types are Type B and Type O and well, maybe, just maybe this is also a reason why there is an increase in Obestity, Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes. I wonder how many of them are these two blood types....

There's also two other diets that follow the principles of avoiding lectins but it is not based on your blood type. Some people found they did better following the Paleodiet and other people have cleared by following the "Evil" Lectin Free Diet. The Evil Lectin Free diet is one that 2 members of another forum, one's a medical student, put together 2 summers ago. It's pretty "strict" and involves eliminating legumes/beans (incl. peanuts), all grains, nightshades, bananas, and some found they were able to consume high fat dairy, but not low fat dairy. This was a very popular thread (over 35 pages) that I also participated in, along with 30 other people and most people cleared because they followed the full diet, while others like myself opted to eliminate gluten and a few troublesome lectins, since it's a major overhaul. So if you want it done faster, the best way to do it is to completely overhaul your diet, or you can go the long way.

Anyway, maybe I'll be bashed by someone on here, but I don't care. I believe that everyone should have all the info they need to make their own decisions. I hope that helps you some.

Take care =)

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to put succintly,

look at humans, we all have the same digestive tract and digestive function, except those with defects or whathaveyou.

most animals of their own species follow the same diet. lions enjoy meat and panda bears enjoy bamboo.

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questions have to be asked, then politely and factually disproved!

people who toss this bloodtype diet around just don't know why such a would work and then it is just not "for real"...

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Well you know what I think, not that it matters much but "You will never know unless you give it a go!" so lame I know but - wish me luck, I might just test this theory out folks... will report back in a month or perhaps check out my progress on my blog... I'm starting my Roacuttane treatment at the end of this week and so it can't really hurt to up the anti on the diet front now can it..

Night all :)

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most animals of their own species follow the same diet. lions enjoy meat and panda bears enjoy bamboo.

But humans have a rich evolutionary history compared to other animals. We had the ability to spread out to several different continents; other animals couldn't do that.

It's a fact, not a theory, that different groups of people have evolved differently, even if only very slightly.

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I like Dr. Dadamo's diets. I have definitely been helped by following first the blood type diet, then the genotype diet. The latter is more for weight loss, the blood type is more for allergies/sensitivities. But I have to say, for a type O, he had food as avoids that I already found bothered me. I never realized how wheat/gluten was causing my ibs type problems until I started that diet. So people can say what they want about it not being scientific. Dr. Dadamo's father was one of pioneering naturopathic physicians. Peter followed his footsteps and refined the diet.

Many people are helped by it. So I say, what can you lose by eating whole, healthy foods? Try it out. Best wishes for better health!

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