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So Are Laser Treatments Harmful?

I remmeber I did some laser treatments a couple years ago and it eliminated all inflammed acne on my face..

I knew that wasn't treating the root cause, but I didn't know that back then..

my question is.. would it be okay to do this as a treatment?

or is it proven that laser treatments are unhealthy for you?

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I have never read that laser treatments ever do damage. It seems like the safest alternative.

You must have already tried a dairy-free diet/gluten-free diet and everything in between?

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Guest Chrisâ„¢

Depends on which laser really. I had several erbium yag laser treatments that really messed my skin up, it gave me much worse scarring than when I went in, but the yag laser is fully ablative and I had it done by an inexperienced doctor. On the other hand, I had like 12 fraxel re:stores done, and it didn't do much of anything. You also have to factor in the experience of the person performing the procedure, it's the most important thing. Don't ever let anyone with no/little experience in laser treatments anywhere near your face, TRUST ME.

Ablative lasers (such as the C02, yag laser, and others) are risky and very dangerous if the doc is inexperienced. They're risky even if the doc has a lot of experience.

Non-ablative lasers (such as fraxel re:store, and the 10-20 other ones on the market right now), not that dangerous, they don't have much power.

Take it from me, yes, some lasers are definitely potentially harmful. I have severe scars now and most of them came from the yag laser treatments.

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