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New, Need reccomendation (w/ pics)

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Well I've had acne for 2-3 years and I'm 16 now, I've heard and read stories from lots and lots of people and I feel it's my turn to ask. What should I use to help me get rid of my type of acne as seen in the pics I posted, and make my face clear again so I can get a job where I can confront people without worrying that they'll get grossed out by the crap on my face lol and for the ladies too :wub:



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Ok ill try n take higher quality pics

Yes but my parents aren't convinced, they tell me that it's either not going to work, is like all the others, costs too much or I'm going to give up after a while.

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Well, if it would help, you could let them know that, unlike many acne regimens, you don't have to buy the Acne.org products to do The Regimen. There's even a list of alternative recommended products that you can buy at your local store that will work with The Regimen.

Maybe if you show your parents that The Regimen works using store-bought products, they'll be more likely to accept that the Acne.org products might be worth investing in. (The BP in particular is much more cost-effective than any other BP you'll find on the market.) : )

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idk just a thought, i think the regimen would be good for you.

but heres what im doing, im trying to defeat acne from the source, meaning im going on a TOTAL lifestyle change, sleeping more, less stress, watching what i eat, exersizing, avoiding dairy products, different supplememts, and pretty much all nautral stuff


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