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Lifestyles and acne

Has anyone noticed that when you are more active with hobbies, sports, work or whatever it is to keep you busy and your mind focused on something that you enjoy your skin clears up? Since winter set in I became tired, lazy, blue and wanted to eat constantly and my skin was also terrible. Recently in my area we have had beautiful, warm, sunny weather and I decided to take advantage of it and do some yard cleanup to prepare for starting a garden this March. I have really been enjoying keeping busy and being in the sun. Maybe Im crazy or there is another reason but my skin is really clearing up and I have so much more energy! I must be solar powered ;) Maybe its the sun alone that is helping me be happy again and directly helping my skin. Or I wonder if its elevated seretonin levels that are clearing up my skin? In any case, I reccomend if at all possible, being outside even if its not sunny when you can, and doing something active if you dont already. It's sounds simple but its fulfilling and at the very least takes your mind of having acne and onto nature

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Whenever it's summer, my skin is practically clear. I have nothing to worry about, little stress, I get sunshine, I can get the sleep my body needs... it's amazing.

Being outside during the day also helps you sleep better. I totally recommend it! ^_^

Now if only I wasn't being so lazy this week... :doubt:

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