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My Regimen - Tips/Help PLEASE! :)

I'm just going to start by saying that I never used to wash my face. Ever. I'm 20 now, and have luckily been graced with decent skin. I get a pimple or two every few weeks, with the week-ish before "that time of the month" maybe being a little worse (right now, I have a papule on the upper right side of my face.. not fun). Anyway, my biggest concern is dry skin. My forehead is SO flaky all the time. When I get out of the shower it's so flaky that it makes me look like I have dandruff. I've switched to Head and Shoulders, which helps for my dry scalp, but the top of my forehead is SO DRY! I'm really interested in the regimen, but I don't think my face is severe enough to need BP. After researching for hours yesterday, I decided to try Cetaphil. I got the daily wash for normal to oily skin (it was cheaper than the gentle wash and I didn't know if there was a big enough difference anyway) and got the tub of moisturizing cream. I'd read different opinions about creams vs. lotion, but I decided to try the cream. Any suggestions about anything at all? I'm really curious as to what everyone thinks. I'm new to all of this stuff and just want to do it right the first time. Is Cetaphil worth it? Should I be using BP? What about a toner? I don't wear make-up so how good something is at removing make-up makes no difference to me.


I bought the supplies at night, so I started the night by washing my face with the Cetaphil daily cleanser, and followed 5 minutes later by applying the moisturizer. I think I applied too much (my face felt extremely oily).


Washed face with cleanser and used moisturizer. Although I didn't have dry skin at all that day, my face was noticably red and felt oily all day. I decided that I was using too much moisturizer. That night I followed the regimen and went to bed. I used less moisturizer as well.


I used less moisturizer today and my face feels much better. It's no longer red or oily feeling. My face hasn't been dry, which is amazing since it's winter and I walk around in freezing weather a lot (thanks, college). Applying less moisturizer is really helping. Today the pimple on my chin finally started to get bigger, so I popped it (couldn't help it). However, I did it correctly, I think, and it's starting to fade. My forehead seems a little clearer, and the papule is definitely going away!! I am excited :) It's still noticable, but definitely decreasing.


My face feels great. I still have a few small pimples and marks, but overall it FEELS better, which is something. The papule is still there but still definitely in the process of going away. Have been doing well with dry skin, still haven't had any since I started using the moisturizer. However, now that I'm paying attention to my face more now, I'm realizing I have some what I think are blackheads on my chin and nose and maybe forehead. AHH! How do I get rid of these?? Will they go away in time with the cleanser or should I get something else specifically for those??

Today is the end of day 4. I'll update soon. Any feedback, help, tips, etc. that you all can give me will be MUCH appreciated, you have no idea! I'm new at this and will take any advice :) thanks!!

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