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Lou Vogel

adult acne? how? why?

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Hi All

My name is Louis, I'm 25 years old and have been suffering with acne since I was 22. I only had the occassional spot as a teenager, then when i was 22, i got a massive red spot on the side of my nose. I believe this was ance cyst or a nodule. 3 to 4 months later I had another one on the same side of my nose. This continued every 3 - 9 months up until last july. when after having another one of the side of my nose, i decided to pay to see a dermatologist. when i saw him, he declared i had acne, within a minute of looking at me, and when there was no spots on my face.

He decided to put me on tatrelysl and differin cream. I was taking these tablets for 4 months, and my acne didnt flare up once. I came off the tablets but still used the differing cream, then all of a sudden 2 weeks ago, i had a big spot on the other side of my nose. I believ this was a pastule. it came up and big red spot with the space of 2 days, and made my face a little red on the side which it was on.

luckily i had a check up with my derm, and he decided to put me back on tetralsyl for another 2 months. One week into the new course i have another flare up. Well, there was a red lump on the side of my nose, it hasn't developed a head, but has gone down slighlty now, but i can still feel a tiny bump under my skin, and there is some slight redness around by it. Im guessing it will proably flare up again within the next week or so before i pop it. Its either going to be a cyst or pastule. I'm not sure if they can disappear without being popped?

My acne is kinda weird. I dont get big massive flare ups of a number of spots. I get one spot on the side of my nose, which is a raised red bump around 5-8mm in dimater. which is either a nodule, cyst or a pastule. Its difficult to try and judge your self, when your not an acne speacialist. I know I have definatley had nodules, and at least 1 cyst, on the right side of my nose.

I'm not sure if tetralysal is/will work, as i dont have acne daily, just one spot every few months. I'm also 2 scared to go on accutane after hearing all of the side effects.

Can anyone give me some advice, tips, etc on dealing getting rid of this. I have also throught it could be my hormones as i have a receding hairline, not sure if they are related.

Thanks in advance for any tips/adive.


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had perfect skin as a teen but once I turned 20, BOOM. Docs and Derms were no help, but I figured out that the problem all started when something changed in my tap water. They replaced the chlorine with chloramine (combination of chlorine and ammonia) which irritated the heck out of my sensitive skin. The problem went misdiagnosed as acne for years before I figured out it was Folliculitis, a overgrowth of yeast in the skin which has symptoms very similar to acne . My suspicion is that the chloramine dried out my skin so bad that it had to work overtime to self moisturize by increasing sebum production, thus allowing the yeast overgrowth. Washing my face with bottled water helps, but if the problem is advanced, you need to try anti-fungal topicals or oral medications (ask a derm) ZNP soap bar and tea tree oils should work if it is a fungal problem.

good luck :)

For tips got to a thread titled"Pityrosporum Folliculitis"

There are a lot of people on there with similar symptoms that appear to be acne that arise suddenly out of nowhere.

Hope this helps anyone that is suffering needlessly.

Chin up guys :)

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