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I am a 14 year old girl and i have suffered from moderatley severe acne for 3 years now. I moved to a hot counrty and it got really bad. I had papules and whiteheads, blackheads all over. It was making me upset so my mum took me to a dermatologists and they put me on a russian brand of accutane called TRETIN (isotretinoin) i have been on 20mg's for just under 4 months now. My acne is clearing up but i still get a few whiteheads (although not as many). My face is very red and they gave me DALACIN T topical lotion and a factor 50 suncreen. I know i have to give it time to work and i haven't stopped taking anything that he prescribed.

I have stopped drinking fizzy drinks and eat healthier. I also drink 2 litres of water a day. :/

It's getting me really down though because my face is quite red and my red acne marks from old pimples are bright red. They are really noticable and look ugly. I know they will eventually go away with time as no red mark is perminant. But how long will they take to fade? Also i am going to see him again to get some more pills in a week. Should i ask him if there is anything that will make them go faster?

Also please don't tell me to go get them lasered. I'm 14, i don't have that kind of money :/

Please help though i need them gone soon because i can't bear to look in the mirror anymore.

By the way, they are mostly on my cheeks. :/

I tried taking pics but they don't show up very well :(

Any help will be greatly appreciated x

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Double check if they are blood vessels are not. I am kind of scared of that for my red marks and is going to have a derm take a look at it next week to make sure.

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Double check if they are blood vessels are not. I am kind of scared of that for my red marks and is going to have a derm take a look at it next week to make sure.

Thanks for that (:

But i went to see him and get some more accutane pills today and when i asked him he just said they were red marks and would go away eventually, i just have to give them time :/

So i guess i'll just have to wait to get rid of them.

But on the other hand he's pleased with my skin progress :D

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Hey u sound so like myself.Since I was 14 I had the same problem. Lumps on my face really sore and embarassing and I had a good healthy diet. Im 25 now and it is cleared up. I refused to take roaccutane from the dermatologist because my boyfriend was on it and he was worried 4me. there had to be something I was putting into my body that was causing the acne.I thought the holistic way was my last chance.I went to a lady who scanned my body for food intollerances and I was intollerant to wheat, dairy and gluten.These mite not show up in a blood test at the doctor so I went on a strict gluten,wheat and dairy free diet.I remember her saying to me just trust me and your skin will clear up so I took her advice and guess what?No more acne.Im still shocked.After 3wks I was a different girl.All the antibiotics I had taken over the years had destroyed my immune system so iI got a few sessions of acupunture.I hope this is of use to you.

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accutane will not help marks.

only good products that help are:

reintol creams (green cream is good)

laser treatment

otherwise be patient and let time fade em

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I totally understand you dear, i had moderate but persistent acne for about 7 years and it really affected my life, now it's almost gone except for a zit here and there every week or two, but red marks are a problem, specially if you are a picker as i used to be....what i can tell you from my own experience is that even when they will actually fade over time, there's a few things you can do to help the recovery of your skin...here's what i do:

-exfoliate very mildly, i use The Body Shop's vitamin e exfoliator wich is almost like cream but with very little and gentle exfoliating particles, you could also try mixing oats and honey and rub it very gently on your face (the honey is a healing agent also), it is important not to be harsh on your skin since isotretinoin is already very agressive.

-use a copper peptide solution (such as avene cicalfate or la roche posay cicaplast), or if you can get some pure aloe vera use it, it works wonders. I've found the aloe restoring mask from the body shop very useful too.

-never use very cold or very hot water on you face since extreme temparatures can make your skin reactive and prone to irritation and redness.

-do not abuse (or avoi if possible) of spicy foods, coffee and saturated fats.

-Eat lots of fruits and veggies, and lean sources of protein...maybe your diet is lacking some vitamins or minerals.

I wish you all the luck and hope i've helped somehow....be patient and remember you are beautiful!!!


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im trying scarcare for my tiny marks, i dont have many but hoping it will work, its a sticky gel pad that sticks to your skin for 12 hours for 90 days, claims it heals also acne marks and actual scars. ill let you know if it works

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try applying juice of lemon and cucumber on your red marks,It improved my scars a lot.I'm also applying duac gel on my scars and they are fading now =D

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I am currently dealing with the same problem with accutane. The red marks left from the WORST initial breakout ever are all over my cheek and are very hard to cover even with makeup. Though the only thing that will heal them is time (the fairer the skin the shorter the healing time) I have found a couple of things have REALLY helped.

- Vitamin C Cream - I use a cream that has 10% vitamin c in it and apply it TWICE a day. This has helped sooo much to lighten my spots

- Vita K Blotchy Skin - I bought this at Walgreens. it's in a green bottle and costs about 15 dollars. Vitamin K is known for helping with blotchy skin and bruises. It really helps a lot. Use 2-4 times a day

- 100% Aloe Vera Gel (or leaf) - this I use for the bright red and irritated spots, and it helps to calm then down. I use this twice a day also.

- Jojoba Oil - I use a lotion that is mainly made up of jojoba oil at night because it's a great moisturizer. Accutane dries up the skin so much and causes those spots to take longer to heal.

- GOOD SUNSCREEN - if you do not wear sunscreen, the sun WILL make the red spots get redder and sunburnt and they will take very long to heal! These spots are very sensitive to sunlight already and you're even more prone to burning because of accutane. I use 45 SPF.

- DO NOT exfoliate - this will dry out your already very dry skin because of accutane. It will only further irritate it and make it more red! That includes also gycolic acid and alzeaic acid! they are too drying! Use soothing products.

- DO NOT use retinoids. The majority of derms will prescribe a topical tretinoin after finishing your course as a maintenance tool and it will help your red marks, but do not use it while you're on accutane! They are both retinoids and my derm told me it was dangerous and unwise to use both at the same time.

Like I said, it will probably take 3-6 months for the spots to heal if you're fair skinned. But these products have helped my skin tremendously. I hope this helps!

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