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Cleanser alone okay???

OKAY so I got sunburned snowboarding the other day and didn't want to wash my face because BP is harsh, etc. I procrastinated a bit and ended up not washing my face (at night, just washed my face in morning shower with soap) for around 5 days!!! And to my surprise I didn't break out one god damn time. I put lotion on my face every night because of the sunburn and also sunscreen during the day. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.

My conclusion: BP is too strong for me and I think it does more harm than good. Does anyone else have the same issue??? Should I just use the cleanser and the moisturizer??? Or is there a gentler acne face wash that you would recommend??



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Everyone seems to say Dan's cleanser is fine. I use purpose. Cetaphil might be gentler then even purpose being as how its non lathering, but some people don't like that.

I know you do have to build your skin up to BP, but I personally am slightly against the lathering of that much BP for different reasons then irritation.

Your gonna get several different opinions here.

Try using a low concentration SA gel without alchohol or an AHA based toner without alcohol if you have super sensitive skin and work yourself up to a slightly higher concentration. That might help your skin out, not to mention red marks, if your skin can't handle the BP.

Also be careful with SA or AHA and sun. I don't even put it on if I'm going outside as I got real bad sunburn from having it on once. Although I didn't apply SPF that day. But it's definately something to look into as a night treatment at the very least.

I do know BP seems to be a god send to certain people, but the fact that it can cause premature aging and makes red marks worse is just not acceptable to me. I do use BP as a spot treatment though.

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I'm a little unclear on your post.

Dan's cleanser is completely unmedicated and it is pH balanced, making it as gentle to the skin as baby bath. So I'm unclear as to why you wouldn't use it to wash your face, and turned to a bar soap instead while your skin was sunburned.

I think you were smart to hold off on the bp treatment while you were sunburned, but the fact that you didn't break out all week while off bp doesn't say a whole lot. Your skin at the time was trying to heal from the sunburn and it isn't uncommon to see acne halt for a bit during a sunburn then flare up once your sunburn is healed up. Breakouts from too much sun exposure are often seen about two weeks later.

Many people can skip bp for a week and not breakout, however a few more weeks to a month down the line and the breakouts start coming back in. So, whether or not you decide to just go cold turkey with it, be aware that there is a chance your acne will return.

Hope that made sense.

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