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acne scars or is it not.. it's killing me inside!!!!

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So i got couple zits in my upper lip area (i'll add a photo soon) and one is gone and probally took about 1.5 weeks to disappear BUT it left a little reddish mark around it and I've been told these aren't actual scars and will blend out after year or two BUT my previous zit that had similar mark but was smaller has been about 7-8 months and i see slight improvement... this one is actually little bigger and I'm afraid it sticks out more... so my question is.. is this a scar and i was misled stating that it will blend out 1-2 years (that's still quite long time!!! is that right time frame?)

I did not pick the zit at all and used the regime and it just went away itself... does 1.5 week zit leave scars? also what can i do RIGHT now to get this reddish rudolph the redness reindeer circle to blend in with my skin tone ...? i've been doing regime and jojoba oil on it but i don't know if that's even helps... also put some vaseline but not sure if helps either..

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Guest Chrisâ„¢

To answer your questions:

No, it's not a scar, it's post-inflammatory-hyperpigmentation (a.k.a. Red Marks), although it could turn into a scar later on, but you won't know until the inflammation has settled down. I could probably tell you if it will scar if you send me a pic in pm.

As for how long it/they will last, it just depends really. I had red marks all over my face for about 1.5 years but that was from really bad cystic acne. If it/they was just a non-cystic pimple, it will go away much faster (probably 1-2 months).

In my opinion, the very best thing to hide red marks is this concealer/blender, I can't remmember what it's called but you can google it. I used to use it all the time and it instantly hides red marks, and nobody can tell it's even on, it's not really makeup, it's a "spot concealer" if that makes sense. It comes in a little cube and it's specifically for hiding blemishes/red marks. For white people, it's just a green colored concealer (when the green goes on white skin it hides red), but they also have it in colors for asians, blacks and hispanics. Maybe some females here could tell you exactly what the product is, because I never really payed that much attention to what it was, I just used it.

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