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Zinc and cancer?

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he efficacy of zinc supplements in preventing prostate cancer is controversial. Although several studies have shown that high cellular zinc levels inhibit prostate cancer cell growth, a recent epidemiological study showed an increased risk for prostate cancer in men who took high-dose zinc supplements. Increased cancer risk was seen with very highdose (over 100 mg/day) or long-term (more than 10 years) zinc supplement use. The current tolerable upper intake level for zinc is 40 mg/day, established by the U.S. Institute of Medicine. Thus, it is possible that the subjects in the epidemiological study could have been in the toxic range of zinc intake. As with most therapeutics, higher doses do not always equate with an increase in efficacy.

I'm not sure how accurate this info is, and it is too late for me to do more research, but prety scary stuff. I have taken over 100mg/day before..And some people on here claim to take 150-200mg a day. I do know that zinc helps my acne..The more I take the less inflamed my acne is and the faster it seems to heal. But if this info is true, I may have to drop it down to supplementing 30mg a day.

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Check out this article from the LA Times Health section:


Thanks for the link. Lots of good info there..even more scary stuff lol. So at the end of the article they mention taking copper with the zinc can help. Just curious as I have heard people on this board state that copper should not be taken with zinc supplements as they cancel each other out.

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