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College and Accutane

Been on about a month have the IB and now I walk to class head pointing down.

Anyone have stories/experiences they want to share to help us deal with this?

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WHERE do I even BEGIN?!

Taking Accutane while in college was probably the most frustrating and annoying things to do...EVER!

I began Accutane a few weeks before I entered as a freshmen at a college in Southern California. Being from Northern California, I ran into issues revolving around policies with Accutane. My dr. at home didn't require blood work each session, the labs were easier etc. etc. When I got here I had to search for a doctor (which would have cost an arm and legs and other body parts), and when that didn't work, I ended up having to fly home to see my doctor to work things out (IT WAS CHEAPER TO FLY HOME THEN DEAL WITH DOCTORS HERE!).

Then... things went down hill.

1. College is full of drinking--although I know i consumed far more beverages then I should have...being around alcohol made it far more difficult. I know that i severely damaged my liver... SO, be careful, have control...

2. My body would constantly peel, wouldnt heal,and would bruise/bleed/etc etc for the slightest of actions.

3. The HEAT!--resulted in my skin drying up more...and I got rashes (and still have) all over my arms=super gross.

4. I was sick all semester.

5. I felt incredibly self conscious, and always knew people were staring at me.

6. I came down here to play water polo, but couldn't due to the mixture of chlorine and accutane resulted in more rashes....

okay. I will stop. I know I'm incredibly biased. Long story short, I almost completed my 'session' with accutane, but became severely suicidal, emotional, depressed, anxious etc. etc... when I returned from school for winter break, I cried every day wanted to quite school, wanted to be checked into the crazy hospital, wanted to die... etc. etc.

HOWEVER,on a positive note. my skin looks fantastic. people notice and compliment it all the time. I havent broken out since.

Moral of my writing:

-although frustrating with student health/doctors etc, find what works best for you and things fall into place. in the begging i was scrambling to get pee tests and appointments and missed a month because of timing and student health. GRR student health!!

-Aquaphor is your friend! put globs on while in privacy/before bed

-calm yourself with drinking

-I found a really light and creamy lotion (i would tell you the name but it's from my doctor), and i would put it on every chance i got to make myself feel better

-i think its more about how you feel. I know when i was at home and started I was all into making sure i was hydrated (DRINK MORE WATER THEN EVER!!! I CARRY A 32oz EVERYWHERE, I DRINK AT LEAST THREE A DAY, I FEEL LIKE THATS WHY MY SKIN IS WONDERFUL!! :))) and while i was home i was good at taking care of myself--but being at school there are a lot more elements to deal with, social life, school work, parties, clubs, working out--it's hard, but stay on top of things, if you stay confident things will work out for you.

-don't hid because your going through this process--embrace it in a way, don't miss out on things you'll regret because of it.

-SMILE!!!!!!!!!! I forgot how to smile while i was on accutane, so make it up for me okay?!

PLEASE, in all seriousness, contact me if you need support/advice/tricks/trades/etc. etc. don't feel alone in it, its frustrating but worth it (trade offs, although I was royally screwed over, i feel like i've grown a lot from it and hope to help others). Ask me anything, i'm friendly-ish, sarcastic too (so i feel flattered if your this far down in this writing....but i mean i wasnt sarcastic i was incredibly truthful in all of this)

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep me updated!! =]

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Dude as long as you are friendly and outgoing, nobody is going to judge you based on your skin. I promise you that walking around with your head down is the worst thing you can do. Be social, remember, you're taking care of your acne and it's only a matter of time before it goes away. When your skin is clear do you want to wake up one morning and realize you don't know many people in school because you were afraid to talk to anyone the past six months?

Try doing things that will boost your self-esteem. Go to the gym and lift weights or do other things to get in shape. Make sure your grades are good. Remember to smile. If you acne is very bad, certainly people will notice it, but once you become more acquainted with them they'll see past it like it's not even there.

As for stories, my back and chest break out badly, and all the time I had people make fun of me at the pool for it. Heard all the time about how I had to be on steroids or something since I do a lot of weightlifting. I just took it in stride and laughed it off, and pretty soon people stopped making the jokes. I don't think it affected my social / sex life that much in college as a whole. Sure there were some assholes that I just ignored, and some girls that wouldn't date me, but there were infinitly more people who were nice and plenty of girls who were happy to date me. Just be yourself (the outgoing version).

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