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Am I supposed to wait 10-15 mins after cleansing to moisturize?...

I feel so stupid for asking this but I have to know. I always thought you have to wait 10-15 mins after washing you face to apply moisturizer. I mean without any other products involved; just moisturizer. My friend brought up the other day that it's actually better to use it right after washing your face, and I freaked.. have I been doing it wrong all this time? D:

I've just finished accutane and use retin a now, so I'm still trying to figure out exactly when moisturizer comes in when I use it. I'm so confused. Help? :/

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The wait is for medication, BP, SA, AHA, etc. Cleansing causes irritation which you want to let die down before applying further irritating chemicals.

Moisturizer on the other hand sort of calms skin and irritation. I always put it on directly after cleansing whenever I don't use other medication.

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When you're applying a treatment, it's good to wait before moisturizing to give the treatment time to absorb.

If you're only cleansing and moisturizing, though, I don't really see a reason to wait. Many body moisturizers actually say to apply them right after showering or bathing, so that they can help seal in the moisture. I'd assume the same would go for facial moisturizers.

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