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Does pigmentation make scarring look worse?

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Ok, I'm just trying to accept the fact that I have uneven skin tone (shallow atrophic/depressed scars, and some small pitted spots). It kills though to turn your head and the light catches it juuuussst so, and all you think is how you do a mighty fine impression of the surface of the moon.

Anyway, awkward jokes aside, I was wondering if it's possible the (slowly fading) PIH I have within these areas makes the scars look deeper than they are?

If so, when I look in darker reflections (eg. outside car window) is it the PIH making it look worse than it really is?

Thanks guys: I'm sick of sitting at home with nothing to go on =[

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You're not gonna want to hear this but... as my PIH faded my scars got more apparent or deeper.

A healing lesion is always a little swollen.. I couldn't even see my scars untill about 6 months afterwards.

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Oh, that's really dissapointing to hear =[ Is it possible at all I might have a different experience?

I'm not coping with this well; my self-esteem's really nosedived over these past few years.

Wow, look what spills out when you have like-minded people to burden. Sorry everyone, I guess I just need some hope.

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hey bro.. i have every type of scars.. i stopped thnking about my scars and stopped looking at them.. and i saw gradually they are fading away.. i have uneven skin tone . which made my scars to look even more deep... so once unevenness of your skin goes away.. it will look much better.. take care..

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