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Im clueless help me out. My story

Ok well i started gettn spots round 13/14 and i got different over the counter products and finally stayed with a 'Vichy' cleaner and night cream. I used to put way to much night cream on it burned my skin alot. But i stopped applyin to much. Im 16 now and i still used to use the same cleaner and night cream but my face has become so 'weird' is the only way to describe it. If i tilt my head back and look up at my forehead i can see red patches everywhere like i mean everywhere its really annoying :( in these red patches are like tiny little white things that are hard not gooey but easy to get out with a needle only thing is theres so many of them theres like little holes all over my forehead its so weird. and if i wash my face a lot of them kind of come up to the surface of my forehead. btw these white tingys kinda go if i moisturize but im not some stupid kid and i know its not dry skin so dont say that :/ BTW these white things dont concern me its the red patches which has my face like im sunburn and all discoloured arghhh :(:(. Like along with the redness the small white tingys kinda make patches of my skin brownish in colour i duno im so confused and helpless

So ANYWAYS my routine for the past i duno how long was.

Morning wash with warm water then cold water straight after wait a while then moisturize

Night wash with vichy cleaner, moisturize to get rid of white tingys and appl vichy night cream to spots

But recently the red patches are gone insane. My face luks sunburn and im so depressed.

I cry ( and im a guy )

So i went doctors he told me my forehead symtoms are 'acne' based and has put me on 'ZINERYT' he also has prescribed me 'XYZAL' to stop bloodflow into my face ? :S

He told me to apply ZINERYT morning and night and take 1 'XYZAL' tablet a day, well now im worst than ever the ZINERYT seems to make things worse and the XYZAL does nothing.

My face is soooooooo bad. ( Just forehead ) my chin gets spots now and again but mehhh my forehead is all i concentrate on.

BTW im around a year into the stage of pretendin im sick so i dont have to go. Cryin my self to sleep, staring into the mirror then breaking it and crying.

Anyone any idea on what i can do ? I wanna go back doctor but my mother doesnt want me too :/

And im still using the prescribed zineryt and xyzal btw

Please reply <3

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