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What to do with flaking/scaling skin

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I'm in the middle of my third week on the regimen, and the skin on the lower half of my face has been flaking/scaling like crazy.

It goes away and looks normal after I apply moisturizer, but when I get ready to wash and splash my face, the flaky skin absorbs the water is really obvious, and it seems like I shouldn't just let it sit there as I wash my face.

will it just go away normally, or should I lightly wipe away some of the dead skin before I wash? I tried that tonight, so I guess I'll know if it has too many negative effects.

and on an unrelated topic if anyone feels like answering: do the st. ives face washes work well for exfoliation 2 or 3 times a week?

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I wouldnt use them more then once a week, and only if you need it (otherwise once every 2ish weeks is probably better). They can irritate your skin more then help it. wink.gif

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st. ives in particular can be extra irritating? or exfoliating washes/scrubs in general?

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Cetaphil, Cetaphil, Cetaphil!!!!! That's what I use, and it never breaks me out or irritates. It really soaks in. Use it one night without using bp, and you'll wake up the next morning with skin that is actually soft, and really moisturized. It might be too oily for people with really oily skin, but for irritated or flaking skin, it really helped me.!!!

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