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Questions About Toothpaste - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Fluoride

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I have been reading up on the possible effects of SLS and fluoride in toothpaste on acne around the mouth area.

Most of my acne seems to be around this area so I thought this might be worth further research. I have used the same toothpaste for years which includes SLS and fluoride. Incidentally when I went on holiday to Australia my acne improved and I had been using a different toothpaste. That said, it was a Colgate brand which I am sure also contained SLS and fluoride. I guess it is possible it was in smaller amounts or alternatively it might have been completely irrelevant and the improvemnet was due to being out in the sun regularly.

Anyway I would like to clarify a few points on this toothpaste issue if anyone knows some more about it. From what I read here everyone was really saying well just don't allow toothpaste to come in contact around the mouth. What I'm wondering though is if this matters? One person said that the inside of the mouth may absorb the chemicals to an extent and cause the problems. I guess this makes some sense. Imagine if you rinsed your mouth with a harsh chemical you wouldn't be surprised to see some skin outbreaks would you?

I also paid attention to my own toothbrushing today. The toothpaste most definitely makes contact with my lips and then I often just wipe with a towel which obviously spreads it about a bit. That is a factor to be considered too. I also have had chapped lips for as long as I can remember and I understand SLS can cause this too.

When I first started reading about this I was more focussing on the flouride and went out and bought a toothpaste I knew didn't have fluoride called Euthymol. Unfortunately it does have SLS. I will probably give it a try for a bit and see if there is any difference but I might try and get an SLS free toothpaste like Biotene as soon as I can.

Does anyone have any thoughts on all of this? Or any suggestions?


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I'd stick with the fluoride - it's good for your teeth and I don't think it irritates skin.

SLS, on the other hand, is a known skin irritant. I used to get canker sores fairly regularly, and have not gotten single one since switching to a SLS-free toothpaste. Now, when I made the switch, I was also hoping that acne around my mouth would disappear...however, I cannot say that the toothpaste switch made a difference (what has made a difference is cutting out dairy, eating less fruit, and going to sleep earlier). So if you're not getting canker sores, or some other sort of irritation from your toothpaste, it might not be worth the switch for you.

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