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Pleas pray for me, dear lord.....

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Well guess what. I was out all day today, sorry, thats why I havent replied lately. Anyways I went to the carnival with a friend. On my way home, I took the train. I needed a ride home, so I had called my dad an hour ahead of time to set a time and place to meet. I get to my destination about 15mins early, so I was killing time.

Now here is when things get interesting.......

It was dark, a huge parking lot with maybe about 5 or 6 cars. I get to the spot, find out the front was under construction so it was closed off. I said well, where am I gonna wait. So I walk into the lot, browsing just seeting maybe a bench I can sit and wait.

Ok now heres when things get more intersting. I see a car, I just bend down a bit so I can check my face in the window reflection. I did this for like 2 secs. I just wanted to see, I dont know I have a thing with checking my face. So I get up, look to the left, see a man walking a dog back to his car heading my direction. He sees me, I walk away cooly. I didnt think I did anything wrong.

Next thing you know, 2mins later.....3 cop cars circle me. 2 K-nine dogs come out, and a helicopter flying above. I was LIKE WTF!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID I FUCKIN DO?

The cops are like "you know what were here for right?" I was like I have an idea cause I heard the guy call someone.

So next thing you know, they ask for my D.L. They ask me a few questions - why i was looking inside, where i came from, how im gettin home etc. I told him the story. I said I was just lookin at my face in the reflection, if they dont want to believe my story then so be it.

So Im standing in a open lot with now 5 cop cars with 9 officers standing outside talking to me (some from a distance), 2 K-nine dogs and a helicopter above us in the sky.

I dont know what the fuck that asshole clown said to the cops when calling in, but he sure made it sound like i was gonna blow up the world or something. WTF is up with that shit??????????? really.....

So 10mins later, after they scan my D.L. in their system in the car, they let me go.

GOD!!!!!! I sure hope they arent gonna visit my house now, that the last thing I need.

Please pray for me everyone, please! Oh dear lord. Im scared, but I didnt do anythng wrong.

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Dear Obsessed,

I check myself out in car windows all the time, maybe more than people without skin problems, yes maybe I am slightly obsessed. The acne and scars made me this way :eek: I am in college and a psychology major, yet I find myself checking out my face much too often. But, so what, I can do what I want, and so can you wink.gif

The man probably thought you were looking in the car to steal something, only because he doesn't understand that some people need a little reassurance that we are still okay looking :ph34r: :eek:

So, your story is kind of amusing in a sad way. But, no big deal. Laugh it off.

One day you will have clear skin and you will think back to this incident and laugh your butt off :mrgreen:

Liz Lee

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But what really pisses me off is how the cops brought out 5 cop cars, with 9 officers, 2 K nine dogs AND a helicopter. How often do they bring that out in the city? They must have thought i was a terrorist or something.

My friend says i should complain and do something about it. i think its a racial issue since im asian/

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lol what a great story! Just laugh it off though, so fcuk if your parents find out its not like you did anything wrong.

About the racial issue, i know you must feel victimised but the times we are in now people have to be vigilante.

Any way just laugh at your Police Department because they must have spent shit loads of money launching that operation. :lol:

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hahaha thats insane! i could really picturing the whole scene, the guy who called the cop are such major dick

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asian as in chinese asian or indian asian?

B) There's loads of kinds for Asians. biggrin.gif I'm Asian and I'm Javanese!

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