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so i'm about 1 month into the Regimen and i unfortunately haven't seen any extreme results. i've also changed my diet. i've trying to go "paleo" but i haven't gone 100% yet (i still eat carbs, just low GI carbs). I eat alot more fruit and veggies and i also cut out dairy. even with all that i still had a break out. but i'm gonna keep doing the Regimen and i just ordered a test to see if i have gluten sensitivity. even if it comes back negative, i'm still gonna try to eliminate all carbs. hopefully i'll start to see some improvement soon. wish me luck!!

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Keep in mind that it can take about three months before you're staying consistently clear on The Regimen (although everybody's different, so some people clear up faster and some need a little longer). Just stick with it.

And good luck! : )

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Around the third month or so, you will see more visible results.

Continue eating fresh organic fruits to help out your regimen.

Also try and limit coffee.

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Just keep on doing the Regimen. You'll clear up eventually if you're doing everything right. I gotta admit it took me more than three months to get my skin under control, but I think that's pretty unusual. I had ups and downs during those first three months -- some days I was really sure I was clearing up for good, then suddenly a major breakout. But eventually the day comes when the stuff stops returning (well, I do still get the occasional zit, but nine times out of ten it's extremely small and goes away in less than two days -- I used to have like 20 of them at the same time so getting a couple a month or so doesn't bother me very much at all).

Going low-carb is great. I just found your other thread on that too, which I might respond in.

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