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I'm feeling really down. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing my gross skin :(

I know sooo many people have it worse off than me when it comes to acne.

but my skin is like, dry yet oily, rough, bumpy, little flesh coloured bumps ALL OVER MY FACE I don't even know what they are...closed comedones maybe? they just sit there and idk how to get rid of them. I normally don't get many pus-filled spots but right now I have a circle of 4 or 5 angry ones at the side of my face, and some underneath my chin.

I have red marks on my right cheek and forehead as well...

even when I wear makeup I HATE the way I look. I'm not ugly, I have nice hair eyes and body and I'm glad about that but my skin just makes me feel hideous and self-conscious.

I've tried so many different things :( I want to stay away from using harsh acids and stuff on my face though (BP and stuff) because I'm only 13. I might try Clinique 3-step skin care.

oh yeah I know it's common for young teens to start getting zits but, and I'm not even exaggerating, 90% of the people in my class have nice, even skin with only like the occasional zit. without makeup. certainly all of them have better skin than me. and it's so not fair all some of them eat is junkfood! processed foods, mcdonalds, refined sugar. chocolate, sweets, crisps. they don't drink water they drink COKE for god's sake. IT'S NOT FAIR! I can't remember the last time I ate "bad skin food". and all I drink is water...it's so hard because I'm a 13 year old girl! I'm surrounded by people constantly eating junk food!

ok so my life story here ahaha. basically when I was about 9 I got zits. I was so gross back then I hardly had a skin care routine, and I kept picking at all my spots. thankfully I haven't got bad scarring.

then they kinda cleared up. I wasn't taking any notice in my skin and I hate myslf for that. but then I noticed loooads of skin colured bumps on my face that you could see close up and in certain lighting. it's horrendous. makeup does not cover it up at all. my skin is uneven and rough and just gross.

some days all I can do is sit and cry because I feel so down. I can't focus on the good things about me because of my skin. I feel so vain because I just stand in front of the mirror and cry for hours! :( and my parents hate forking out for new stuff for my skin...also my brother never had any zits when he was my age, neither did my parents. so. not. fair.

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Awh :( I feel ya :comfort: It absolutely isn't fair when you spend your time looking for ways to possibly help your acne, and everyone around you isn't putting in the same effort. Continue to keep looking for something that helps you, and don't worry about those around you. Plus, in the long run, just think how healthy you are going to be besides them. Sounds like you've had it rough really early, and I really do feel for you. You said you can't focus on your good traits? You mentioned in your post that you have nice eyes, hair, etc. Why not change your hairstyle for the day, and see if people compliment you on it? Then not only are you not thinking about your face that day, you'll think about all of the compliments they gave you on your hair that day. Also, I think you need to talk to your parents. Your going to have to tell them (even though your 13) that they are going to have to help you with the products that you need. Just because your brother didn't have acne, and neither did your parents doesn't mean that you won't. Your just going to have to tell them how you feel, and hopefully they will listen to you and help you out more. Good Luck =)

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thank you :)

I'll follow your advice.

also I read some articles about how two of my favourite singers, Miley Cyrus and Hayley Williams, have had acne problems. that made me feel a little better knowing that the girls I look up to have had similar problems. back when Miley had twitter she even gave advice to some girls about how she got rid of her zits (although the products are quite expensive...Sensei Silky Purifying 2-Step that I can only get from Harrods, lol)

I've told my mum before, she just keeps saying how it's a hormonal thing and that it'll go away soon. but when is soon? and how do I know it'll even go away? I've had skin problems for 4 years...

and she says that the "lotions and potions" I'm putting on my face will just make it worse :/

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You're welcome ^_^

Well that's good that your finding some comfort in your idols in any way, I suppose. Sometimes it is hormonal, and you are still probably going through puberty (and your hormones are all haywire). But, she doesn't necessarily know it is going to just 'go' away if you both do nothing, and you just treat it as just hormonal. If your mom hasn't had skin problems, I see how she is trying to be reassuring, but doing nothing isn't going to help. I still wish you all the best. Reasoning with a tough parent that thinks the 'lotions and potions' aren't going to help is going to be a tough one.

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so do i! i onli have bout 7 spots but even they make feel that same way. what i do is not look at the mirror an pretend that my skin is nice an glowing an i just wait for bout three days an den my skin clears up but den afta a week i get back to da same state. i go in cycles. i no other people have it much worse then me becouse i c ppl at skll dat all u c is red spots everywher! i'm not lyk dat but u still feel ugly! just focus on other things other then the f****ng pimples! they piss me off cuz i neva stop breaking out.

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I kinda read a lil of our post then looked at your pic. u r beautiful (: .

Have you tried cool showers, not letting the hot water touch your face?. Patting your face dry instead of wiping, and not washing your face or putting anything on it?. What is your diet like?. How much water do you drink?. How is your stress?.

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