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How does this treatment sound?

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I was on here in Jan. and even posted a pic of my scars - someone gave me great advice (can't remember the posters name though) and even a link to a dermatologist an hour away in Philly. I made an appt. and saw him on Feb. 4th. Oddly enough both him and his assistant called my scars mild to moderate (I would have put them in the moderate to severe category though), but because I still have some active acne (mostly hormonal) he won't do any acne scar removal treatments until my acne is gone. They want to put me on Spironolactone (sp?) and I have to stay clear for 3 months or more before the other treatments, so we're shooting for the fall to start combination treatments for my scars. To me, I was disappointed because I wanted the scar removal treatments to start like yesterday, but I get that he's doing the responsible thing by stopping the acne 1st before treating the rest of my face. I can't start the medicine now even though because I'm still breastfeeding my toddler - will start weaning in March, so maybe by April I'll be able to start the medicine. I might wait till June after my bestfriends wedding in case of an initial breakout problem with the medicine - does anyone know anything about spironolactone causing a bad breakout in the beginning? Then once the acne is under control, his plan to work on my scars is a 7 visit plan which includes subcision, some spot needling (he explained the procedure but it still seems odd), some TCA, and laser resurfacing (not fraxel repair, but not fraxel restore either although it's like that - it's another type of laser but I totally forget the name of it) - he said I'd be in his office every other week or ever 2 weeks until the 7 visits are completed. The cost seems pretty reasonable to me - only $2K. He seemed pretty honest and told me he can't guarentee 100% improvement - he said he won't make it worse but he can't say for sure how much better he can make it cause everyone responds differently to treatments & heals differently, but he seemed confidant he could help. Really only a 50% improvement is my goal right now. I'd be estatic with that! So, a combination therapy type of treatment sounds like the best way to go? He seemed like a good guy - one thing I liked about him was that when I mentioned how lasers scared me and how I'm afraid of them giving me more scars, he showed me his hand and explained that before each laser treatment he blasts his hand with the laser in like a tradition to assure me if done properly lasers are safe. I'm not happy with his office being an hour away, but I'll try to figure that part out once we get to that stage.

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I honestly wish I knew a doc who is a specialist in all these kind of treatments. Most doctors in my area just do laser treatments.

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